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South Ormsby

The South Ormsby Estate are looking for a Herd Manager to run our beef and cheese source.

Job Title – Herd Manager

Location – South Ormsby, Lincolnshire

Salary – Competitive Salary, Subsidised Accommodation

The village of South Ormsby is an estate of c3000 acres nestled within the Lincolnshire Wolds and is an area of outstanding natural beauty, rich in wildlife. The custodians of the South Ormsby Estate are restoring the heritage of the estate and rejuvenating the local economy. Building upon a historic past, their vision is to create the best place to invest, work, live, play and retire to and the best farming estate in the world!

At South Ormsby Estate we have a pedigree herd of 400+ Original Population Lincoln Red cows, which are on the Rare Breeds Survival Trusts vulnerable list, with only 400+ cows in the UK.  We are undergoing organic conversion, accredited Pasture for Life and very biodiversity conscious.

Please refer to the following website for additional information on the South Ormsby Estate and all the working being done there:

Website: https://southormsbyestate.co.uk

We have a very exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and passionate Herd Manager.  We are seeking a candidate with organic pasture for life knowledge and experience, who has a wide range of skills and proven methods to oversee our herd of 400 Original Population Lincoln Reds breeding, Lincoln Red beef boxes. They will be in an organic, pasture for life, outdoor 365 days a year system.

Herd Manager - The Role:

- Experience of foot trimming and AI

- Feed and diagnose potential disease and injury of the livestock, ensuring that cattle remain healthy

- Maintain a clean and safe work environment, including work site and equipment

- Work closely with the custodian to develop and model proper and efficient techniques and systems

- Record and document daily work flows, create lists of projects, and generally maintain detailed records including health and safety

- Help with general farm work building, maintenance and other projects

- Operate a variety of mechanical equipment

Herd Manager ­– Skills & Experience required:

- Passion for working with animals in ecological pasture management and regenerative setting with interest in sharing work with wider farm team and community

- Knowledge, experience and training of organic pasture for life farming

- In-depth understanding of animals with a focus on health, welfare and production

- Knowledge of breeding of pedigree livestock

- Experience with farm machinery and equipment, plus driving truck, tractor, trailer

- Effective time management skills with the ability to priorities tasks and problem solve

- Budget proficient and number orientated

- Must be computer literate 

- Ability to communicate and bond well with other staff

- Interest in furthering your knowledge by committing to extra training

- Share our vision in positive proactive way

- Shows attention to detail in all aspects of their work and a commitment to excellence in all areas

- Genuine love of animals

- Must be clean and well-presented at all times

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who has a background in stock management with livestock experience and genuine love of animals.

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